Raj Bhawan, Mount Abu

Raj Bhawan, Mount Abu is a majestic building constructed in the year 1868 AD over 9 bighas of land in the English post-renaissance (Elizabethan) style. Originally constructed as official residence of the Agent to the Governor-General (AGG), at the initiative of Lt. Col Eden, the then AGG, it was sanctioned in the year 1866 and work was commenced on 1st March 1867. The first occupant of the building was Lt. Col R.H. Keatinge, AGG, who moved in on 15th March 1868 AD
An adventurous yet tranquil ambience is what distinguishes the landscape with various contours, a blend of forms and most markedly a disciplined evolution in complete harmony with the natural surroundings. The dormer windows (upright windows in sloping roof) make the building attractive both from far and near. The building has been raised on a hillock. It provides natural elevation and also makes the building visible from different places in Mount Abu. From the building and the terrace gardens, a commanding view of the scenery and the Nakki Lake, the cynosure of the hill station, is available. Orientation of the building is west-east. Located on a ridge, the building is approachable from the west side only. Low inclined verandah made of aesthetic combination of wooden pillars, rafters and Mangalore tiles along with seasonal flower plants and evergreen plants provide very pleasing surroundings. The front of the majestic building has a plinth of about 15 ft. and is approachable by as many porched steps. The composite impact of the building is majestic.
With the implementation of the recommendations of the States Reorganization Commission, Abu came back to Rajasthan with effect from 1 November 1956 AD. The Residency became the Raj Bhawan and came to be used as the summer resort of the Governor of Rajasthan.