IT Enabled Finance and Accounts wing

1.Budget of this office under head 2012, 2075 and 4059 is prepared and sent online on IFMS. Subsequently the budget  allocation received online and expenditure against this allocation also booked online in related budget provision of this office. However a manual budget control register is also maintained in this office to watch doubly the budget provisions.
2.All payments like Salary, TA and medical claims of employees and third party payment against contingent bills are being processed through Pay Manager application and are forwarded to treasury digitally.
3.Amount Sanctioned by Hon'ble Governor from Discretionary Grant Fund is directly transferred into Bank  account of Beneficiary through Paymanager Electronic Clearing System.
4.Donations under Governor's relief Fund now accepted online through GRF Application using Netbanking, Credit/ Debit Card and QR Code. Acknowledgment of donation which is directly deposited through online (GRF Application) into Governor Relief Fund Bank Account to be issued digitally to the donors.

Expenditure Claims(Type of Claims):-                   
i.Employee related claims viz. Salary, TA and Medical.                 
ii.Third party claims of various purchases of Official items.               
iii.Discretionary Grant payments to beneficiaries.               
iv.Assistance provided from Governors Relief Fund on various occasions.

5.Accounting System:- Single entry system is being followed in state heads and double entry system (Receipts and payments) is adopted in Governors Relief fund accounts.
6.Physical Verification of  stores is carried out by State Inspection department.
7.Audit:(i) Statutory audit of  Rajbhawan Accounts is carried out by inspection party of Accountant General of Rajasthan.