State Funded Universities


Constitution Park / Constitution Pillar

In order to make the young generation aware of the Constitution, the Constitution Pillar will be constructed in the Constitution Garden, on which the Preamble of the Constitution and the plaque of Fundamental Duties and Fundamental Rights will be displayed. The draft of the Constitution Pillar to be installed in every University campus has been prepared by the architects, so that a common constitution pillar can be established in all the SFU. About one Bigha of land will be required for the construction of the Constitution Pillar and the height of the said constitution pillar has been kept 40 feet.

The work of the Constitution Pillar has been completed by Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur and it was inaugurated by Hon'ble Governor and Chancellor.

The foundation stone of Constitution Park in 10 State Funded Universities has been laid by the Hon'ble Governor and Chancellor.


University Park

A University Park is also being set up on the Raj Bhawan campus, in which a smart model for all State Funded Universities will be developed.

The smart models developed by State Funded Universities are as follows :

“Integrated Agriculture System” technology has been established by SKNAU, Jobner established the drip irrigation system, azolla and Vermicompost unit in the poly house on the Raj Bhawan campus.

Modern Cattle Shed with Milking Machine Facility has been established by the Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner.

Face Recognition Terminal with Multiple Method Authentication for recording Attendance (RFID) has been installed by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.

Painting and Sculpture (Visual Art) installed by Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur 


State University Management System (SUMS)

State University Management System (SUMS) tender for implementation across all SFUs has been done by Nodal University Mohanlal Sukhadiya University, Udaipur.  Implementation shall begin shortly. This shall facilitate e-governance, data management and automation across SFUs. All transactions shall be digital with SUMS. Mobile self-service portals shall be available to all students and staff. Affiliation process shall also go online. 




Task Force on Higher Education

To suggest measures to combat the forthcoming challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic, a Task Force on Higher Education was constituted on 10.04.2020. The Task Force has met since for 14 times to provide guidelines to SFUs. Important issues deliberated were as follows:

1. Online Education: Education was provided by the Universities through online classes and videos for the students during the CORONA pandemic.
2. E-governance initiatives:
  • Creation of on-line (helpline) Education portal exclusively for University/ College students.
  • Creation of a robust online admission system so as to start admission procedure immediately after University examinations.
  • Time lines for the evaluation of answer sheet by examiners and /or Central evaluation of answer sheets.
  • Adoption of Learning Management System (LMS) for ICT based teaching and learning in SFUs.
3. Improving digital framework and e-resources in Libraries.
4. National Assessment And Accreditation Council (NAAC) - The work of NAAC has been completed by 6 SFU's, work is under process in 11 SFU's and has not been started by 8 SFU's yet.
5. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)- The work of NAAC has been completed by 13 SFU's, work is under process in 6 SFU's and has not been started by 6 SFU's yet.
6. Setting up start-up incubation centres; technology development centres; centres in frontier areas of research; greater industry-academic linkages; and interdisciplinary research including humanities and social sciences research.
7. Ensuring that all buildings and facilities are wheelchair-accessible and Specially Abled friendly.

Implementation of NEP 2020 by SFUs

The following important initiatives have been taken:

1. Directives to SFUs to constitute -

 o Micro-task Force for implementation of NEP 2020 in their respective University.

 o Constitution of various Cells within the SFU to meticulously monitor implementation of NEP 2020.

2. Improve in functioning of SFUs on the basis of observations of the Report of the CAG on Performance Audit of Outcomes of Higher Education in Rajasthan.


Regular and detailed/special audit of accounts of state funded universities.

In order to implement the system of audit of accounts from the local fund audit department in State Funded Universities, the director, local fund audit department has been authorized to conduct regular and detailed/special audit of accounts of State Funded Universities. 


Chancellor Award

As per recommendation of committee based on performance on various parameters, best performing State Funded University will be awarded Chancellor Award.

The following criteria have been set to identify the best University out of all SFUs in the state for Chancellor's Award -

A. Governance

B. Financial Health

C.Chancellor's Initiatives

D. Education

E. Research

F. Student Amenities

G. Outreach Strengths

Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur has been awarded “Chancellor’s Award of Best University” for the year 2020-21.



Solar Panel

In the 16 State-funded University Campus of Rajasthan State, Solar Panel Plants have been installed on the University campus to promote the use of Solar Energy.

Electricity worth INR 417 Lakh per year is generated in 12 State Funded Universities of Rajasthan.





Rain Water Harvesting System (RWHS) & Dual Piping System

In the 22 State-funded University Campus of Rajasthan State. Rain Water Harvesting System and Dual Piping System have been installed for water and rainwater conservation. Approximately  2330 Lakh Liters of rain water is being conserved annually in Shri Karan Narendra Agricultural University, Jobner and affiliated colleges.

Rain water harvesting system and dual piping system for water conservation and rainwater harvesting have not been installed by the remaining 05 State Funded Universities as they do not have their own building.





Large scale plantation was done in Universities to save the environment. Plantation work was done in all State Funded Universities, colleges affiliated to them, directorates and all government colleges of the state.
Approximately 1 Lakh plants were planted in all State Funded University & Affiliated Colleges in the plantation program on 15 August, 2020 and 66,426 plants were planted on 15th August, 2021.