Code of Conduct for Chancellor's Nominees

Code of Conduct for Chancellor’s Nominees

  1. Attend every meeting of the Board/Senate/Syndicate/Committee as and when convened. In case of inability to do so, prior information must be conveyed to the Governor’s Secretariat.
  2. Act as per the highest standards of personal and professional excellence, integrity, honesty, good faith with diligence and responsiveness, academic  responsibility and ethical conduct
  3. Go through the agenda note in detail and ensure proper observance of the provisions of respective Acts, Statutes, Ordinances, UGC regulations/guidelines and   interests of the University and State Govt. Inputs may be sought from the Universities regarding these.
  4. Immediately report any decisions to the Hon’ble Chancellor’s Secretariat which may not be in the interest of the University and/or in contravention of UGC guidelines/University Regulations/State Government Policies
  5. Disclose any conflict of interest regarding any matter that may come before the Board/committee and abstain from discussions, voting or otherwise influencing a decision on any matter in which the concerned nominee has or may have such interest/ conflict or potential conflict of interest.
  6. Respect the confidentiality of the information relating to the affairs of the University acquired during the course of one’s term as nominee except when authorized or  legally required to disclose such information.
  7. Ensure  timely compliance of the directions/decisions of Hon’ble Chancellor
  8. Submit reports ( as per Annexure) on time for perusal of the Hon’ble Chancellor.
  9. Regularly update and refresh knowledge and familiarity with the academic environment of the University.

Annexure:Reports to be submitted by the Chancellor’s nominees:

  1. An annual report to the Hon’ble Chancellor apprising about meetings of the concerned Board/Senate/ Syndicate/Committee with suggestions regarding issues facing  the University in particular and the Higher Education Sector in general. Suggestions for measures that could be taken for improvement of academic environment of the University may also be included.
  2. An immediate report in case any decision/(s) is taken in the Committee/Board/ Senate/ Syndicate meeting which is/are not in the interest of the University and /or is in contravention to the provisions of UGC guidelines/University Regulations/State Government Policies.