Role of Chancellor

  1. The Governor of Rajasthan, is the ex- officio Chancellor of the State Universities.
  2. He shall, when present, preside over the Convocations of the State Universities.
  3. He appoints the Vice Chancellor of the State Universities from a panel of names recommended by a Selection/ Search committee on the advice of/ in consultation with the State Government.
  4. He shall have the right to cause an inspection of the University, its buildings, laboratories, libraries, museums, workshops and equipments, any of college institution or maintained by the University, the teaching and other work conducted or done by the University, conduct of any examination held by the University. He may send the result of such inspection to the Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor shall communicate the views of the Chancellor to the Syndicate and advise the Syndicate upon the action to be taken. The Syndicate shall report to the Chancellor, such action if any taken or is proposed to be taken upon result of such inspection.
  5. The Chancellor shall also have the right to cause an inquiry in any matter connected with the University and advise the University upon action to be taken on the results of such inspection/inquiry and fix a time limit for taking such action.
  6. The Chancellor by virtue of his office is also the President of the Senate.
  7. The Chancellor shall nominate such person/persons on various administrative and academic boards/ committees of the University viz. Senate, Syndicate, Board of Management, Academic Council, Selection Committee, as the individual Act may provide for.
  8. The Chancellor shall have the power to transfer officer(s) or teacher(s) and assets from one University to another or in the same University.
  9. He shall have the power to issue directions to the University in the administrative or academic interest of the University as he may deem fit.