Information Technology


Governor’s Relief Fund

In wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the entire society has come together and made contributions to fight against the deadly virus. Hence to facilitate the social responsibility of every Citizen in the society, an online application for Governor's Relief Fund (GRF) has developed. which can be access at Through this application online donation can be done using payment gateway like Netbanking, Debit Card, Credit Card etc. The donation amount received under the Governor's Relief Fund will be given a rebate of 50% under sub-section 2 (a) (v) of section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


LAMS (Letter Alert Managment System)

Letter Alert Management System is an In-House Portal, which works through LAN connectivity and comes handy for apprising the user about pendency in reports, letter replies and other deadline. This will increase the time efficiency and management of the work in a particular section by keeping employees updated about the reminders, last date and other deadlines to be monitored within a particular timeline.


QR Code

QR code deployed in the Identity Cards of Rajbhawan employees, which confirms the identity of the employee. This ID card will have details (such as name, designation, photo, etc.) to be used at the entry gate. The limited printing space of the ID cards allows to print only limited details and they are even vulnerable to duplication Hence QR Coding on Identity cards will provide a secure way for encoded information on an ID card to be read very quickly by a computer device, handheld device or a smartphone QR scanner. Rajbhawan employee QR codes have a greater storage capacity and can hold a lot more information within a fairly small space. A simple text QR Code, when scanned, shows the encoded data. The data encoded in the QR code is directly linked to the Rajbhawan official website.



RFID attendance system provides wireless identification of employees when they come in the radiofrequency range of the RFID attendance reader. To mark the attendance automatically the devices can be used in three ways: -

1- The staff need to carry the RFID tag that contains unique information about them such as name/ID number/section.

2- Biometrics of the Staff can be uploaded and simply work as a biometric attendance device.

3- Face recognition can also be used where the staff can simply focus his face in front of the inbuilt camera in the device and his attendance is registered immediately.

In the wake of ongoing corona pandemic this device also has the Thermal Scanner where the employee’s temperature can be registered and if it is above the normal temperature the device will notify with a beep sound to check if the entry has to be given or not for maintaining the safe work environment. 


TMS (Ticket Managment System)

In-house Ticket Management System (TMS) is developed which works only through LAN. This has been implemented to reduce the usage of paper(notesheet) for regular need of IT items like Toners, Paper Reams, Computer devices etc, and to expedite delivery of the items. This portal also helps to keep the IT stock management under check while maintaining the transparency in the items used and left in the stock. In addition, User can also raise request for repair of any IT item being used in Rajbhawan which also helps to know which items require upgradation or a new replacement. This app enables to track stock items used by the user and helps to plan future purchase of items.


Reach through Social Media 

Raj Bhawan, Jaipur verified account has been created on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube where updation is done on regular basis. Social media presence is beneficial in a variety of ways since we live in a digital age, most people rely on the internet to educate themselves, and keep themselves updated. The social media Presence of Rajbhawan is important to keep the users updated about the initiatives taken by Rajbhawan, Programs organised and attended, Bills passed, Press Releases, other events information which Honourable Governor of Rajasthan officially wants to convey through a print/digital media. The digital media presence is dealt on priority to create a "Direct Samvaad" between Honourable Governor of Rajasthan and the citizens who are active on social media.