The Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan has taken up the initiative of adoption of a village by every State University in Rajasthan for developing Smart Village with the purpose of ensuring that it becomes a model village where all the schemes of Central Government and State Government are effectively implemented and dovetailed with innovative projects initiated by respective universities. 


Improving the quality of life of all sections of community, provide basic civic amenities for improvement of livelihood opportunities and increase in productivity.  


In order to make the “Smart Village Initiative” effective, the following Work Plan for the Universities has been decided after approval of the Hon’ble Governor:


  Universities can initiate engagement with adopted villages, using the actionable and aspirational ideas suggested at Annexure-1 (based on the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana).


Universities to conduct a baseline survey for preparing an action plan.  


Based on their survey / analysis, Universities can take up innovative projects as per domain knowledge and expertise.


1.Government of Rajasthan issued directions to District Collectors for providing necessary support for the success of the “Smart Village Initiative”.

2. Co-ordination committee set up under the Chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor with representatives of District Administration, District Police, District Level Officers of various departments and Sarpanch as members.

3. Nodal Officer from the University appointed for every adopted village to visit the village at least once a month to review the progress of the initiative.


A monthly report from all the universities is received in a checklist / monitoring format developed by the Governor’s Secretariat. The progress is reviewed in the meeting of the Vice Chancellors’ Coordination Committee.